Window Shopper

Window Shopper

Out for a walk in San Francisco I took this picture. I looked at it in the viewfinder and didn’t think much of it. I signed up for a painting class at the local college and one of the projects was reflection from an actual photograph. I presented this photo to my painting teacher for consideration. She discouraged me and said she wouldn’t paint it. That sounded like a challenge, and I like a good challenge. I was working in a media which I was unfamiliar, water-mixable oils. They are drier than oils but not like acrylics. Halfway through the painting I asked myself, “What were you thinking?” Yet I persevered, there was so much detail.
The teacher entered Window Shopper into the county fair and it won my first a Blue Ribbon.
Take pictures of people and things you love and you never know what might happen.


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