My Studio: Before

My Studio: Before, during and after

It’s amazing how quickly you can “collect” things. You just get used to it — working in clutter. Julia Morgenstein defines being organized as

“being able to find what you need when you need it.”

That was never the problem — finding it — but once I found it there was not a flat space to work. Yes, something had to be done.

I attended a Quilt Conference where participants shared pictures of their pristine studios. When mine went on screen there were large gasps from the audience. In the dining hall people pointed fingers my way and whispered, “She’s the one,” I could hear, “she’s the one who told the truth.”


One thought on “My Studio: Before”

  1. LOL! Oh Joanne! Yes, YOU are the ONE who told the truth alright! Nobody ever shows the “real” work area. It’s like having Good Housekeeping come over (after you hire a cleaning service to fix it up). Yeah right, we all have money for that! Looks okay to me, but of course, I’ve seen artists’ studios before. Just looks “creative” to me!

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