Studio: Company coming

Studio floor - clean
I rarely invite people into my studio space. It is sacred and I work here. It is seldom tidy as you have seen. This day my friend Sidney asked if she could bring women from a local museum to see my work and offer opinions. So I cleaned and cleared. I stacked quilts on my work table to do show and tell. After they left and maybe not five minutes later Sidney called and was talking a mile a minute with all the lovely things the ladies said on the way back to her house. It made me feel very good.

It was also the day I realized that eight of my major Art-Quilts — 8 of 13 — almost of year’s worth of work were missing. I had them rolled on upholstery tubes on top of an industrial shelf unit with a sheet over the top to keep the dust off. Some time back the sheet was pulled down. I thought Riley had done it when he hopped down, as he liked to sleep up there. No — they really were gone.


3 thoughts on “Studio: Company coming”

    1. Thank you so much, I discovered the Art-quilts missing a few days earlier when I was taking quilts out to show. I sure they disappeared when we had workmen laying the floor. That’s when I noticed the sheet was pulled down and the stack wasn’t as high as it had been. I recently found slides of the missing pieces.

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