My neighbors on both sides loved Hibiscus. I discouraged them. As lovely as they are — they attract white flies. White flies will them create a white webby material. I had it on my flowers, my cactus and my pine tree. In Hawaii it is not a problem. It rains there everyday and there are so many birds to eat the flies. I had to cut back the branches on my side of the fence and give a hard spray water wash of all the infested areas.

My friend from Hawaii said to wear them at night you have to pick them and refrigerate them the day before. Take them out the next afternoon and they will open up.


2 thoughts on “Hibiscus”

  1. I’m inspired that you told your neighbors about the flower. How did they respond? If you look at the native growing regions of the world this flower has no business being in North America (assuming that’s where you are at from bio) So even though it can grow, it might cause other problems than just attracting flies.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Unfortunately there are many non-native plants and trees that have been imported to California. The Eucalyptus is one that comes to mind. It drops an oily substance which doesn’t allow anything to grown under it. It will also choke out a Cottonwood which is a native. When we had the wildfires (2005 & 2007), the eucalyptus went up like torches and sent embers from tree-top to tree top in the high winds.
      One neighbor said, “I love hibiscus.” Hers died, apparently water helps. I might be able to convince the other neighbor to get rid of his — but the yellow finch love it.

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