Travel: Premier — Winter Rose, Hollywood, California

Travel: Premier -- Winter Rose, Hollywood, California

Opening the Dances with Films Festival May 29, 2014 was the Independent film Winter Rose.

Winter Rose is a fragile flawed flower with an incredible singing voice and a way with self-sabotage.

Amazing performances, film lighting perfect, the music was great and the script by Riz Story was point perfect. I don’t think anything needed to be changed.

PRODS: Riz Story, Gary Alan Kauffman, Robert Miano
CAST: Kimberly Whalen, Theresa Russell, Paul Sorvino, Robert Miano


Travel: San Francisco, Can You See Alcatraz?

Travel: Can You See Alcatraz?

San Francisco, the city by the bay, is one of my favorite cities. If you drive in San Francisco, don’t drive a manual transmission, the city is very hilly. Scenic, Lombardi Street is one of the most windy streets.

The island prison of Alcatraz, in the San Francisco Bay thought to be inescapable is now empty. You can take a tour at the end of the cable stop. Take a sweater it can be quite cool. It is cool most of the year.
Cable cars, notorious for breaking down — they are old, travel from Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf where you can eat out at fish stands or enjoy a lovely seafood dinner with an ocean view.

Flying a kite in Golden Gate Park used to be so much fun. There is also a Zoo, and botanical garden in the park and lots of walking/jogging trails.

Garden: Roses and the Hopper


I like hoppers as long as they don’t hop on me. I am not crazy about the damage they can do. I had a wonderful, old grasshopper I kept an eye on. Apparently a lovely spider was also keeping a close watch. One day the hopper was gone — the spider was not.


Gardens: Mock Orange

Gardens: Mock Orange

Mock Orange can get to be a fairly large bush. These are planted between our driveway and the neighbors. They attract bees in the spring and the trash the teenagers next door toss there instead of into the trash can.

One day the mother asked what I was going to do with the bushes — she wanted them to be cut down — they have bugs in them.
I said,
“If I cut them down your boys will have no place to toss their trash.”
Discussion ended abruptly.

Memorial Day: A White Rose for Purity

Memorial Day:  A White Rose for Purity

A white rose signified Purity. Purity in the hearts and souls of those who serve others. Roses are my favorite flower. I have at least thirty rose bushes. My latest acquisition is Oklahoma a beautiful deep crimson. My father was born in Oklahoma and I thought it should live at my house. I think his favorite rose was Taboo. It sat right next to the walkway by the front door. It was so deep a red that it shown black-crimson.

My childhood house was on a corner lot. There were thirty or forty rose bushes. They were glorious in bloom. Children would walk home from school and pick them. One day I told them to just come to the door and I would be happy to cut them some roses instead of them tearing at the bushes and breaking them.