Photograph: A Day in the Park

Photograph: A Day in the Park

A true lover of nature and flowers. He is also that pesky fellow you try to keep out of your bird feeder. Cute as he may be, he is still wild. You may not want to hand feed him.


4 thoughts on “Photograph: A Day in the Park”

  1. My dad used to hand feed the squirrels in his yard (it took many months to get them to do it, but then if he didn’t have their treats when they expected him to, they would chew him out until he did!) until the day came when he went to pick his beautiful peaches that he had been patiently waiting for to ripen. That’s the day he found that his furry friends had eaten ALL of his peaches, so he got rid of them.

    1. He got rid of the peaches or the squirrels?
      I met a lady whose husband had played baseball. They also had squirrels. One day one BIG squirrel was being especially annoying. He hit him with a small rock. Later while watching the T.V. an exceptionally large squirrel came to the back door and was chewing him out loudly and the window.

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