Travel: Premier A Winter Rose, Hollywood, California

Enquiring minds wanted to know more about the Dances with Films Film Festival so I will expand on my visit to Hollywood, California.

Gary Kauffman was an actor I represented. Picture of Gary with his beloved Tank010rev1

He is a very nice sincere person. I loved working with him.  After working in several films he wanted to produce and act in a film. A Winter Rose is that film.


When my husband I arrived in Hollywood we needed to scope out the area. Needless to say it has changed a lot since I spent any time down on Hollywood Boulevard. It was still Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Pickwick Books was a short walking distance away. I could find the best used books in the basement there. I was in college in Pasadena and that’s what I could afford.

I saw so many wonderful movies there: Sound of Music, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Hawaii, I can’t remember them all. There was a huge staircase and when I stood at the top of it with my Julie Andrews bob, and the handsome John Fowle everyone looked. It was a spectacular evening. That was another lifetime ago.  Tonight I was a bit lost, where was will-call?  I was directed by a young man at what used to be the entrance to the theater to a door on the third floor.

As we approached the door who should be walking out but Myron Natwick, who I represented at one time.
Myron Natwick 007
I loved Myron, he is old Hollywood. His Uncle, also Myron Natwick created Betsy Boop, the cartoon. Myron said he was in two of the films in the festival. I was so happy for him. 

Upon entering the theater we were facing the red carpet, the photographers and the press. Probably the people we followed in the NBC Telecommunications van as well, I didn’t ask. The striking white haired fellow I asked directions from in the parking garage was also standing waiting to have his “Kodak, Nikon, Canon” moment.

I was concerned with my “I have nothing to wear” anxiety and I shouldn’t have been. This is the NEW HOLLYWOOD so much more casual, my black sequins stood out.

There was a before party and after the film, an after party. After the wonderful film there was a panel discussion. The writes of the music and the script, the male and female lead, the producer, director, and main actors all answered questions. Paul Sorvino said the film was about redemption he also jokingly said he thought it was about a fading Italian Opera singer. He was happy to be making a film with redeeming qualities. 



Myron Natwick is an actor, known for Cats & Dogs (2001), Three Days of the Condor (1975) and Project Vampire (1993). See full bio »            


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