FIFA: Games Continue

When the games started there were questions what happened to some of my favorite players? Of course in the United States there was Landon Donovan — why? Then one of the coaches said he picked the best team — not just the best players. Micheal Baluk of Germany was a commentator, he is a great commentator but he is also a great player. Tierry Henry, not there. It’s not to say that this years’s soccer games have not been exciting but they seem to lack some of the lustre of past World Cup seasons.

Tomorrow is Germany vs. the United States. Dempsey is an outstanding player and has taken on a shining role as the captain. I do miss the previous players who have retired or retired from International play. I miss Kobey Briant although he is a very good commentator. I miss Donovan. The team is missing Jozie Altidore, he is a player who holds his position better and stronger than most.

I like Germany as a team. They have strong players with a height advantage over most. It will be a game not to miss.


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