Late Gardening: Nursery

Late Gardening: Nursery

My favorite garden nursery is closing after 50 years as a nursery in the same location. What once was green and lush with potted plants to purchase is now a desert of gravel with little spots o green.

No fruit trees I had been wanting to plant, no grape vines, so my one lonely vine will continue to be lonely for a while longer. This was the year I was going to ignore the drought and plant. The last drought gave me a huge dead apricot tree, luckily last fall I did buy a replacement for her. The back-forty will have to be rescued by the local hardware store collection. The same goes for the soil I need to replenish the planter boxes.

The weekend brought women who broke down in tears to hear that the garden center would soon be leased to the business next door and turned into a dirt pit. One woman said she had been saving her money for the time when she could buy the nursery.

It isn’t just that the gardening center will be gone, a community within a community will be also be gone. Local gardeners will no longer meet here to exchange ideas and thought about gardening in the warm San Diego sunshine .


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