Garden Roses: Dick Clark

Roses 001

This is Dick Clark, the rose. I bought her shortly after Dick Clark’s death. Dick Clark the media mogul died at the age of 82 in Santa Monica, California. He was best know by baby boomers for American Bandstand where he couldn’t add to save his life. Maybe he could add, but acting stupid may have made him more relatable. He amassed a fortune in the music biz so he must have done something right.

I bought Dick Clark for all the memories I had of him. I wasn’t a  Bandstand fan but my cousin was. If I went to her house after school we could see Francine dance. I wasn’t allowed to turn on the T.V. that early in the afternoon. I’m not sure my mother would have let me watch it anyway. I bought Dick Clark bare root with just a picture to go by.

I buy roses for their fragrance, and yes I cut them. I grow them in my “secret garden” away from the street. My neighbors don’t have boundaries. They will come into the yard and help themselves to my flowers. I would gladly share if only they would ask. I love fresh cut flowers on my table. It makes me happy to see them. Mother Nature in her abundance shares them.

The other day I cut roses — Topaz, a beautiful raging orange and some buds not yet open. When they began to open I couldn’t remember was this Double Delight or Dick Clark?
Roses 003
or perhaps it was French Perfume? I’m pretty sure it is Dick Clark. How nice to see you again — looking young as ever.


6 thoughts on “Garden Roses: Dick Clark”

  1. My grandmother had a real rose garden, it smelled so wonderful. The blooms were beautiful but I didn’t know one from another.

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