Garden: Spring Births

My dog had his nose in one of the planters. There was a horrible squaking, on the ground and in the trees. We have ravens. Some call them crows but if you ask a Native American what the difference between a crow and a raven they will tell you a crow has a yellow beak. A Raven is all black, his beak too. Ravens are also considerably bigger than a crow or a starling.
Well I went out to discover this almost full sized “baby” bird in one of my containers. I tried to get him out. Needless to say he wasn’t the least bit co-operative. Luckily they don’t have teeth but he did peck at me with great passion. I finally managed to get him out. He must have been in there for some time because he couldn’t stand very well. I kept an eye on him in the yard. I put him in a cage that night.

His coloring was a beautiful blue black and his eyes were almost a blue gray.


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