Garden: Soccer and the Turtle

My last post I mentioned rescuing Turtle from the gutter and taking him home. Only he disappeared. Well what can you say? I didn’t know turtles could climb and climb he did right out of the planter box and he disappeared. I didn’t bother looking for him, okay I didn’t look long because — he was a turtle and part of his nature was his ability to hide himself.

To protect the backyard and save the neighbors from flying soccer balls we put huge cargo nets in between the trees to stop the balls. Son went out to practice his kicking one Spring morning.

soccer kick_1705 copy
He came inside and said there was a dead turtle caught in his net. I said, “Oh too bad, I wondered what happened to him.” This was about four months after we first brought turtle home.  Sure enough there was turtle, all boxed up, caught in the net. Handsome was going to take him out to the side yard where dead animals go. I said to wait. Put him outside the window and let’s keep an eye on him. Half an hour later I went out to look. Sure enough, he was fine. He had just closed himself up in his shell to protect himself from the onslaught of flying soccer balls.turtle in water 005
A pen was made for him until we could research just what kind of turtle we had and how best to take care of him.


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