Garden: Fallen Fence & Garden

fence down 001
March brought some pretty heavy winds. Not for just one day but for about four days.
fence down 003
One evening I heard a loud crack and boom. I thought it was thunder. Next morning I woke up to this. Since handsome was out of town driving with the Super Boy from Seattle to here. I just left the mess. Our neighbors didn’t seem to notice OR care. There really wasn’t much I could do. The fence section was about 40 feet and soaking wet from the rains. It did postpone me working in the back-forty. It made no sense to try to put in a garden if big-foot would be out there working.
I wanted to expand my little garden of Chard, kale, broccoli and herbs into something bigger. With the drought in the San Jouquin Valley in Central California produce was going to be a rare commodity and probably expensive.

veg garden 004
So although my little garden was flourishing and nothing was broken with the fence falling I’d wait to add more to my planting beds.


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