Spring: Late Start Garden

I wanted to increase the footage of the garden planting space.  I’ve mentioned planting tomatoes is a priority. Now that I have tasted what a ripe from the garden tomatoes taste like I want to continue.  One variety that grows amazingly well here is called San Diego. It continues to produce until November if the weather permits.

How would I add footage without creating a whole lot more work for myself? I stood and studied the boxes. What if I just filled in the area between the boxes with soil? It looked very doable. I would leave the boards in place add a bag of enriched composting soil, rake it in and then remove the boards.
I was so happy, it worked like a charm.

new soil & feral cat 001
The whole time the little feral cat kept a wary eye on me. She has gotten friendlier. She will tolerate me stroking her back if food is involved. Super Boy tried to befriend her. She wanted nothing to do with him until the prospect of food entered the picture.new soil & feral cat 010


3 thoughts on “Spring: Late Start Garden”

    1. The dog we have now was said to have killed small animals by his previous owner. His face was scared up as evidence. We don’t let him. I have lost a few tomatoes and figs to the critters but there is still enough.

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