Garden: Water & Mother Earth

What would a garden be without water? What would life be without water? I turned the hose on this morning to a fine mist to water my ferns. I used to have a garden, now I think I have a yard with a lot of different plants. Water 001
Dog Fude our once stray cat who is now in his 20s greets me every morning when I walk outside. He is an outdoor cat but not at night. We live close to a canyon and after the wild fires critters came into the suburbs looking for food. Coyotes made scarce work of the neighborhood’s outdoor cats. Dog Fude is a survivor. He was talking to me, he is a talker, when I turned on the hose.Water 019

He immediately hopped down from the bench and started licking water from the Philodendron leaves.
Water is nurturing. We all need it and what people may not realize is there is only so much. This is a planet. All the water we have now is all the water we will ever have. Remember Mom saying “what goes up must come down,” or was that Newton? Water evaporates into the air (clouds) and then comes back down to earth. It is a cycle. We need to care for Mother Earth so she in turn can care for us.


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