World Cup Soccer: Friday the 13th

I love the Netherlands. I have been there many times. My son played soccer there. The Netherlands and Spain played soccer today, well the Netherlands played, I’m not sure what was happening with Spain. One commentator speculated the team’s players may just be getting too old. We stopped watching in the 74th minute. It was obvious that the Netherlands had defeated Spain.

The Netherlands scored a beautiful header from the edge of the box well over the head of the goalie and into the back of the net. It was amazing. Another time Spain’s goalie came off his line and a shot hit the back of the net. Any time a goalie comes out he’d better get the ball — that is his job, you can bet he gets paid very well for it too.

Not a good day for Spain.

I have always admired Spain’s game. They have always held it tightly together. Today they didn’t seem to be there. It was less then they didn’t play to lose, they just didn’t play. Psychologically after The Netherland’s second goal Spain checked out.


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