FIFA Soccer and Gardening: A Beautiful Day

It was another great day for soccer. I felt so bad for the Russian Goalie. I knew when I saw his hands flat in front of him that the ball would roll up and off of them and over his head. A goalie best approaches that frontal ball with his hands slightly cupped to stop the ball from deflecting back into the goal. He also took his eyes off the ball. Did he lose focus or was he wondering where he would throw it after he caught it? It was a wakeup call for the Russians. They brought in some of their older more strategic, experienced players. The game intensified after that.

It has been beautiful weather to be in the garden. I go out into the yard in the morning and the birds are in the trees waiting for me. I have hummingbirds, little barrel chested knat-catchers, yellow finch and a black bird with a top-notch, he comes every year but I don’t know his name. When we first moved here there was a flock of them, they seemed to like the weeds, maybe it was the bugs in the weeds. Now they like the little sprinkler I put in the vegetable garden.

Topaz 004
It was an orange day in the garden. My old rose Topaz is blooming madly. There are probably a dozen roses on the bush. I like them because they have long stems. It is a Hybrid – tea and as a full bloom it isn’t that pretty but as a bud it is pretty spectacular.
Rose - Strike it Rich 002
This is Strike it Rich. She is a pretty little thing. In full bloom she is about 5″ across with a sweet fragrance.Abraham Darby 002
This is Abraham Darby a David Austin Rose. It is an old fashioned rose with approximately 150 petals. As a cut rose it only lasts a few days but it is beautiful to look at with a musty warm fragrance. The color is quite lovely pale yellow inner petals to peach on the outer edges.
Fig 011
My now you see it, now you don’t figs. I had a discussion one morning with a Mockingbird. He had an absolute fit when I started picking figs. I told him he was welcome to the figs on the upper branches of the trees but the ones in the middle branches were mine. I thought he’d dive bomb me, but he didn’t. Well this lovely almost ripe fig was on a lower branch. It wasn’t quite ripe when I took this picture. The morning I went out to pick it — it was gone. Completely gone — no leftover stem — nothing. The critters came in the middle of the night. It was raccoons I suspect — now none will be safe. They only take the ripe ones — they are very selective.


2 thoughts on “FIFA Soccer and Gardening: A Beautiful Day”

  1. The early raccoon gets the fig? You’d’ be a great soccer coach, I know you must have spent many an hour on the side line with Ian. Go USA.

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