Fifa World Cup Brazil: Columbia (2) vs. Ivory Coast (1)


To qualify for the World Cup Soccer Tournament you have to play sufficiently well. They have the strength and the agility but they look like babies out there. STOP ALL THE FAKE FALLS. Sure I know why they do it. They are trying to get the call. The viewers are probably moaning in front of their screens. AND when they do fall for what ever the reason they almost always grab their heads and roll — good show guys — but he stepped on your foot. Does the ref buy it? Did the ref see it? Do the viewers care? PLAY THE GAME! This isn’t even as good as some high school games.

When Rodriquez (#10) made the first goal the game seemed to come alive. Ivory Coast was inclined to come back with a goal of their own (Gervinho (#10)) and for about 15 minutes it was a pretty exciting game. Quintero (#20) made a second goal. It was Quintero’s kick from midfield that was spectacular. It didn’t go in but that was because with a clear view of the ball from that distance the goalie was right there to get it.


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