FIFA World Cup Soccer: Uruguay (2) vs England (1)

England’s defense fell short against Uruguay’s Luis Suarez (#9). I was concerned when they said they would play Suarez in the first game of competition only after 21 day from knee surgery. I know nothing about knee surgery or the kind that he had, even at his age and ability to heal it just didn’t seem long enough.

Today’s game showed that he was definitely healed enough. Although his supposed cramping in the 88th minute to me was a drag him off the field it is a delay of game tactic. Play on! The 2 minutes plus 5 minutes stoppage time would have been enough for England to possibly score again if they had any energy left. The energy was there and Rooney made a valiant effort but Uruguay’s defense was too tight.

Wayne Rooney (#10) did score one for England but it wasn’t enough. England will play Costa Rica next who oddly enough beat Uruguay.


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