FIFA World Cup: What’s missing?


What’s missing from the World Cup Season this year? Some of my favorite players.  From the United States — Landon Donovan, it was never clear why but okay I don’t coach the team. One of the coaches said, “We don’t always pick the best players, we pick the best teams,” that to me means people who play best together. But who is still missing Thierry Henry, Michael Baluk, Franz Riveri? The sparkle and the shine aren’t there. Maybe that was the intent.

I know players get older and they retire either from the game as in Kobey Briant or International play.

Tomorrow Germany plays the United States. There seems to be a lot of excitement about it as well there should be. Germany has a great team. They are outstanding in many ways and they have a height advantage over most of the teams. I’m sure Jozie Altidore will be missed. He is a very strong player in his position.  Dempsey has done a fine job as Captain for the U.S.A.

Good luck to both teams.


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