FIFA: Germany (1) vs USA (0)

Soccer is played one game at a time. Today it rained for nine hours before the Germany/USA game started. People abandoned their cars in the street and forged forward to get to the game. Soccer is a struggle for the fans as well as the players.

One of the U.S. players collided early with the ref but no one was carded. For all the water on the playing field the game was played quite well. Stops were difficult for both teams and cards were given for slide tackles that could not be stopped. Not many players rolled on the field today. There were a couple of nasty hits with the of U.S.A.’s players knocking heads. Jermaine Jones came away with a bloody nose. Clint Dempsey took an elbow to the face from a German player which must have been painful.

Germany scored in the 54th minute and U.S.A. wanted a goal but it didn’t happen. They did manage to hold their own. Thanks to technology after Portugal made it’s second goal you could see the red, white and blue fans holding up fingers  2 for Portugal and 1 for Ghana to show the score.

U.S.A. moves through to the next group.

Before the game it was announced that Suarez will be suspended for four months from all international soccer games. He is eliminated from the World Cup, from his own team play with a nine Uruguay games penalty and a fine of 100,000 Swiss Francs.

Babies bite for oral stimulation it is how they learn about their world. Young children bite when they don’t know how else to deal with their frustration.  My cousin bit me when we were little. I bit him back. As expected my Aunt saw the retaliation not the initial offense and she then bit me. I didn’t do it again and I haven’t forgotten it even after all these years. I hope Suarez doesn’t forget — this just didn’t hurt him, it hurt his team, his fans, his countrymen and the children who looked up to him.


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