Friday: At the Del Mar Fair

At the fair 002

The Del Mar Fairgrounds opened at 11 a.m., we were inside by 11:30 which I thought was pretty good time. Once inside to the left there was a stage with a live group performing Beach Boy songs.  I didn’t recognize any of them. You be the judge. They do just live up the road from San Diego it would be an easy venue for them.

I wanted to see how my two oil painting entries did.  So we walked through the Bing Crosby Hall to miss the crowds on the fairway. The Master Gardeners were very informative. I visited the Rare and Exotic booth outside the building. Greg Silverstone (not sure on that last name) gave me a Plumeria blossom and advice on how to grow them. Plumeria blooms are used primarily in Hawaii in their leis. Inside the hall at the far end before we exited I found a booth that sold Plumeria bracts as well as started stems. Not wanting to carry them around I told her I’d be back. I’m sure she had heard that a lot.

Under the grandstands was the art exhibit hall. The art entries have multiplied a hundred times over what it was when I entered my first photograph into the art exhibit. The competition is intense. I found both my paintings readily and was happy with the results.At the fair 007My Cat at the Window got a Blue Ribbon

Painting At the fair 008

and my Mailboxes got a Second Place.
Both painting were from photographs I had taken. I read recently that even painters in the Renaissance knew about the use of a pin-point camera and used it in their work.


4 thoughts on “Friday: At the Del Mar Fair”

  1. Looks like fun. Blue ribbon and second place – way to go! Del Mar. What a place. We get to San Diego reasonably often and just love the greater environs, though I have never been to the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Thanks.

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