FIFA: World Cup Games


My mantra with the last set of games has been, “It’s not about the game of soccer, it’s about the games we play.”

Today Robin van Persie of the Netherlands went down in the box and got a free kick. Robin made an incredible fall and sold it well. There was great debate about this. Mexico’s coach was justifiable angry and made it know. Commentator Roberto Martinez after the game put it very tackfully. I may be paraphrasing here, “Anytime Robin is within 18 yards of the goal it is a delicate situation.”  Players should have doubled up on him, Marquez needed to keep his distance from Robin considering his reputation. The ref called what the ref saw and the ref’s call is final.

Javier Hernandez said Mexico needed to play closer attention to detail. Well that pretty much speaks of all the teams recently.

Uruguay fell apart without Suarez. It is sad that a team depends so mush on just one player.

It is such a surprise that Brazil did as well as they did, they played very sloppily.


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