Mother Nature’s Abundance: Sunday’s Beautiful Garden

Garden water drops 008I picked up my little camera to take some quick pictures to post today. As I stepped out onto the patio I got a surprise.Dove 003
He may be hard to see but I didn’t want to get too close.  I talked softly and he sat there. The cat was up on the window sill having dinner. I didn’t want this little guy to be his dinner. It looked like a baby and was very still. I slowly pointed my camera. When the lens clicked the whirring sound made the dove fly, just as well, It would not be safe for him. We also have a Perigrine Hawk That comes in the evening looking for dinner too.Aloe 008
The Aloe in the late afternoon sun looked good. It won’t much longer, the blooms are withering.
Butterfly bush 009
The bees were visiting my Butterfly (Buddelia) Bush.
Rosemary 011
The bees were also visiting Rosemary and my French Lilac who have been coexisting for 20 years now.Garden figs 022
My fig bushes, are filling out nicely. I call them bushes because they are growing so low to the ground. The branches are so heavy with fruit. God is good. Watering earlier left this beautiful drop of water on a Kale leaf, serendipity. (See the first photo.)
Garden tomato 003Garden tomato 002 Two red tomatoes. I am surprised to get tomatoes so early. But then I did get two Grape Cherry Tomatoes from my compost pile in May.

I hope you had a beautiful Sunday.


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