Garden: Turtle Tracks

Turtle 001

Time to move Stretch, out turtle out of his spot in the yard in the sun, to a shadier place under the tree.  So I thought it was picture time. Unfortunately for me Stretch did not agree. First picture was

okay but I thought I’d get in a little closer

Turtle 002

He became cameraTurtle 005 shy and decided to hide. I thought maybe from a different angle.TTurtle 003if I turned around him one way — he turned and walked in the other direction.

And then he decided to play Hide’n’SeekTurtle 008Turtle 006He even managed to get below the camera. At that point I decided to stop trying to get him to pose, he was like a little kid not wanting his picture taken.

He did give me start the other day when I was watering I heard a big thump behind me. He had been on top of his shelter and when I turned he had done a back flip into his pool of water. He was laying upside down in the water.

I used to panic thinking he would drown but I watched for about thirty seconds and he righted himself and all was well again.

Enjoy your day!



Garden: Hungry Visitors

I found this the other day but I couldn’t find the predator.tomato vanishing 007

So late today when I went out to do my evening watering I found naked, defoliaged stems on the tomatoes. A closer look produced this on one plantgarden catapiller 001

and this guy on anothergarden catapiller 002

I believe these are the result of all the little flitting morning “butterfly” visitors.

It goes without saying that they needed to find a new home — no, I did not kill them, perhaps they will cocoon — soon.

Gardening: Saturday

garden hose 001I used to think gardening was relegated to Saturdays. Well some people who live here think it is. I’ve found it is an everyday event. I walk out to the garden and the birds are in the trees wondering if I am putting the sprinkler out for their baths. Of course it is for their bath what other reason could it be?

California is now on water restrictions. Last week I went to the hardware store and bought 2 – 50 foot soaker hoses. I set them in the yard to rest and uncoil. I wound it in and around the vegetables in the garden. At first I though it didn’t do much but after the hose was turned off and I looked a little later the soil looked like it had all been covered. The good part it was passive, I connected the hose, turned it on, set the timer and walked away.

During this time Stretch, our Turtle kept a good eye on me.

turtle 003

Garden: Pumpkins and Apple volunteers

Do you remember a few days ago I posted thisGarden pumpkins 001Well four days later I pulled back th black plastic and this is what I found.pumpkin starts 003 The Jack-o-Lanterns and the Big Max have sprouted. I admit I have not had a lot of luck in the past with pumpkins. I have had some very nice ones in the compost pile but not that I have intentionally grown.

A few feet away I found thisvolunteer apple 005 at first I thought it was a weed, albeit a very healthy weed. But on the other side of the fence is thisapple tree 006which leads me to believe what I have is an Apple Tree start, maybe a volunteer, of course it is a volunteer because I didn’t plant it there. This will not remain it’s home either because there is no room for a tree there unless I espalier it to the fence — which is a thought.