Fifi: Who will be the victor?

IMG_0975 Argentina and Switzerland came together neither had lost in overtime yet. Only one would be the victor. Every time Lionel Messi got the ball three Swiss players were on him. It was a pretty clean game few cards were handed out. No players rolled around on the ground, there would be a mishap and the player would get up and play on. In the 118th minute Messi again got the ball and again the Swiss closed him in with five players which opened up two of Argentina’s players on the far post. Messi was able to pass the ball to Angel di Jesus who was wide open. He lived up to his name Angel of Mary and got it into the back of the net. The Swiss did not recover in the next few minutes left in the game.
The commentator later said they will be making Holy Trinity shirts in Argentina — Madrona, Pope Francis and Lionel Messi, a bit extreme but great emotions.

Dripping with drama the World Cup continued with afternoon game with Belgium vs. U.S.A. Belgium played a strong onslaught on Howard, the U.S.A soccer goalie. He played a powerful game with 16 saves. The United States had some great moments but not enough to win. Nineteen year old Julian Green with a first touch on the ball in his first game launched the ball into the back of the net in the 107 minute of play. Again with in five minutes there was a set play in front of the goal Clint Dempsey made a valiant effort to tie the game and go into kick-offs but it was unsuccessful. Heartbreak! Game finish Belgium 2 and U.S.A. 1.


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