In the Garden: Deception

In the Garden: Deception

Sweet Kuma was poking her nose around in the Wandering Jew. What did she find? The neighbor had a habit of throwing bones over the fence and I didn’t want her chewing them. I asked her what she had — she didn’t respond. So I looked down and it looked dead. What did you do I asked, she still didn’t respond. She just looked at me with those big brown puppy dog eyes as if to say — I didn’t do nothing Mom, honest, it wasn’t me. Then I remembered this ghastly little creature laying on it’s side with its legs up and it’s mouth wide open with a dead stare could just be deceptive. I told her to keep an eye on it and went to get a cage. I picked it up by it’s tail and the dead weight of maybe a pound or two at the most made me wonder. Now what was I going to do with it? It is nocturnal that I remembered. I took it inside to a dark bedroom put a towel over the cage and left. I left a few grapes in the cage.Oppossum2 copy
Half an hour later I came back to find s/him, grooming. He also hissed at me. Well that is a fine “thank you” I took s/him out back and then released him.


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