Garden: Pumpkin starts & Apple volunteers

Garden pumpkins 001Remember a few days ago, precisely four, I posted the picture of setting up some pumpkin seeds in section of a compost bin? Well I pulled back the plastic and this is what I found.pumpkin starts 003The Jack-0-Lanterns have sprouted. And so have the BIG Max.  I will be happy if I can produce a couple of pumpkins. I admit to only being able to grow really nice pumpkins, volunteers, in my compost pile.

And a few feet away I found thisvolunteer apple 005 at first I thought it might be a weed, a very healthy weed. But just on the other side of the fence is this:apple tree 006my neighbor’s Apple Tree.  I’ve never heard of a volunteer apple tree but it could be possible, if course it’s possible here is the proof.  I don’t think Apple Trees send out runners. But I will be happy if it continues to grow. I may have to move it — this is not my idea of a good location for an Apple Tree. Granted there is plenty of sun but there is not enough room for a tree — or another tree right here.


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