FIFA: World Cup Soccer — Germany (7) vs Brazil (1)

ball_net_1660 copyThe win goes to the team who wants it the most. It was a sad day for Brazil. Neymar out with a fractured third vertebrae and their top defensive man out with a red card. Brazil will always rise to the challenge the commentator said before the game, but the challenge exceeded them today.

Germany made most of it’s goals in about 15 minutes time on rebound shots. By half time Germany was already up by five.  Half time couldn’t come fast enough for Brazil. Actually they needed more than another half period to rise above the psychological devastation they must have felt. They were all over the field. They didn’t cover players and left the goal wide open too often obviously. Their defense fell apart. The goalie is one man. If it gets past the goalie it has already gotten past 10 other players.  Brazil’s goalie was unable to recover as quickly as the younger German goalie.

After half time Brazil appeared to have come back with a little energy or a pep talk from the coach. It wasn’t enough although they managed to place one ball in the back of the net.  It was surprising even with Neymar that Brazil made it as far as they did they just didn’t play as well as the team has played in the past.

And now for Germany, don’t let this phenomenal win make you over confident. Whether you play Argentina for the win or the Netherlands it certainly won’t be a “walk in the park” . . . they want the win as badly as you do.


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