Garden: Basil

garden basil and sage 006garden basil 005 Oregano started going to seed. If you didn’t know — it can still be used the flavor changes slightly though.  Basil is the herb that for me most commonly goes to seed fastest. It hasn’t which made me wonder why. When I was watering the other night I noticed something I hadn’t before. My Kale was forming an umbrella of shade for the basil.  A symbiotic relationship not intentional but it was working. Next to it, but without sun protection, is Sage. I was concerned Sage would not like being close to basil because it likes to be dryer. Oh silly me. They are enjoying each others company.

I love fresh basil for my Tomato-Basil Summer Salad

Tomatoes sliced, Basil rolled and cut or small leaves, olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, feta or mozzarella cheese and kosher salt, layered on a dinner plate.

What I didn’t know is that an infusion of dried Basil leaves can be applied to the skin to treat acne or skin problems.  And that Basil as an essential oil can help relieve stress, headaches, respiratory problems and anxiety.




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