Garden Color

Garden pansy 010Butterfly bush 009Pansies have such bright open faces. I wanted Johnny Jump-up because I have such fond memories of them. One of my first memories of working in the garden was planting Johnny Jump-ups with my mother when I was about 4 or 5.  There is always work to be done and plants to be planted.

I discovered that something is eating my pansies and only certain tomatoes. Not the tomato but the leaves of the tomato on the new grown plants. We found a rabbit the other day. If the dog finds it he will not be visiting long. I found little padded places in the strawberries again. I moved and transplanted one of the tomatoes that looked like it was being chewed on, not by bugs though, it is something bigger.

I may be off to the nursery tomorrow to buy some marigolds to plant around the perimeter of the garden. It may help.


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