Garden: Transplants

garden expanded 003I expanded the garden a gain — little by little it grows. I want it to be bigger yet I want it to be manageable.  I had a little section of about 18″ x 36″ next to the existing strawberries. I had approximately 36 plants to begin with. They send runners and spread quickly. They haven’t done that this year. I think I have a rabbit, I know I have skunks and raccoons.

So I filled the area with approximately 2 Cu. feet of soil, the equivalent of one bag of soil. I transplanted three two year old strawberry plants into the space. They seem quite happy.

I moved a tomato plant that wasn’t doing very well, to a different location which left an open spot. I had a pot of yellow zinnias that were doing well in the pot but were getting crowded so I moved them to the vacancy left from the tomato.

garden zinnias 001That left what I think is a pumpkin. I think it is a pumpkin — it is a volunteer. I threw a bunch of seeds into a pot last year and this year after it rained something started growing. I went to the gardening center and bought a metal supportgarden pumpkins 005to stake it up. I wanted something simple like bamboo sticks. I found bamboo in 5 foot long, and 8 foot long for $45+. I was thinking of something considerably strawberries 002the strawberries look a little chewed and there is a half eaten strawberry hanging from one of the little stems. The little critters have to eat too. I am surprised they have left the Blackberries alone. Maybe they don’t like those aggressive thorns.


One thought on “Garden: Transplants”

  1. Looking good. I like bamboo stakes for support for various plants. Bamboo stakes and jute. I hope they include a whole bunch of them for $45. I find them to be reasonably priced here and I am able to reuse them for several years, though they may get shorter each year, if the get soft on the bottom. Thanks for the update. Cheers. 🙂

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