Garden: Pumpkins and Apple volunteers

Do you remember a few days ago I posted thisGarden pumpkins 001Well four days later I pulled back th black plastic and this is what I found.pumpkin starts 003 The Jack-o-Lanterns and the Big Max have sprouted. I admit I have not had a lot of luck in the past with pumpkins. I have had some very nice ones in the compost pile but not that I have intentionally grown.

A few feet away I found thisvolunteer apple 005 at first I thought it was a weed, albeit a very healthy weed. But on the other side of the fence is thisapple tree 006which leads me to believe what I have is an Apple Tree start, maybe a volunteer, of course it is a volunteer because I didn’t plant it there. This will not remain it’s home either because there is no room for a tree there unless I espalier it to the fence — which is a thought.


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