Gardening: Saturday

garden hose 001I used to think gardening was relegated to Saturdays. Well some people who live here think it is. I’ve found it is an everyday event. I walk out to the garden and the birds are in the trees wondering if I am putting the sprinkler out for their baths. Of course it is for their bath what other reason could it be?

California is now on water restrictions. Last week I went to the hardware store and bought 2 – 50 foot soaker hoses. I set them in the yard to rest and uncoil. I wound it in and around the vegetables in the garden. At first I though it didn’t do much but after the hose was turned off and I looked a little later the soil looked like it had all been covered. The good part it was passive, I connected the hose, turned it on, set the timer and walked away.

During this time Stretch, our Turtle kept a good eye on me.

turtle 003


4 thoughts on “Gardening: Saturday”

  1. I love it. Stretch always watching. You would be surprised but you are never alone in a garden. No garden for me but the doves or mocking birds are watchful.

  2. I’m sorry I can’t send some water your way. We have our usual afternoon monsoons, and then extra when we don’t even think we need it! What kind of turtle is Stretch? How long have you had him?

  3. Please, send me some water. Florida’s water tables have been low too. We need a pipeline from East to West to funnel some of that water — and all the snow the East had — yep seems a shame. Californian’s are not taking this drought seriously.
    I’m sure Stretch is an Asian Box Turtle. Gee it seems hard to imagine that we found Stretch in the gutter about 10 years ago. He seems fairly content.

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