Garden: Summer Tomatoes

garden tomatoes 001In spite of the devastation caused by these guysgarden catapiller 002I managed to have some ripe tomatoes they didn’t get to.  I learned a lot about horned worms. One book said you have them pick them off and smush them.  Not smash, but smush.  So the red-orange tomato is a Beefsteak Heritage Tomato. I also found from talking to my green grocery that volunteer tomatoes are healthier and tend over-all not to have insects. Last year most of my tomatoes were volunteers and I don’t remember even one worm.

Horned worms are the result of a white moth that comes at night. I am not out at night but there is a small white moth flitting through my vegetables during the day.  I was told that if you plant collard greens the worms will go for the collard greens and leave your tomatoes alone.


One thought on “Garden: Summer Tomatoes”

  1. Oh yeah. Yum yum. My grandfather when he pulled out the orange grove planted tomatoes. I would get a penny for every horned worm I killed. Yuck, I made money that Summer. 1955

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