Garden: Abundance

figs 003

Summer is coming to an end with the figs. The heat, drought and lack of water has taken it’s toll. What was on the trees is now dried but not in a good let’s rehydrate these way. My freezer is full of bags of figs. I will miss going out in the early morning to pick a few figs for breakfast. A few figs remain. I picked two yesterday. There are still a few small green ones. In this heat they may ripen. This is one thing I do love about summer, fresh fruit ripe from the trees.  It is one of my fondest memories growing up. My Aunt Irene had a lot that was 150′ wide and half the length of a city block. Her yard had lemon, apricots, quince, oranges, peaches and figs trees. My least favorite was the lemon. One, you couldn’t just pick a lemon and eat it, two it had spikey thorns.  I loved spending summer days under the canopy of those trees. 


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