California Drought 2014

dead tree 004dead tree 007dead tree 011It once was a beautiful tree with a lush canopy. It supported the birds and nests and provided cool shade in summer.  Then came the drought and water rationing. The grass went brown and little by little the tree dropped it’s leaves. The birds still came and sat in it’s naked branches. Then so did a Perigrine Hawk who relished the fat Doves that would eat at the feeder on the table below.  The doves didn’t have the leafy tree in which to hide. dead tree 012dead tree 001That was the drought of about four years ago. The birds still sat in the naked branches only less of them came.  With the drought of 2014, presently, the tree started to crack. Then recently a large split was obvious. There was also a lifting of the base of the tree. It was now time for the tree to say farewell to our yard.

Taking it down had to be a multi person task. Each branch cut had to be carefully planned so the body of the tree was balanced as the branches came off.  The tree stood until the branches over the shed which supported it’s weight were cut then down it toppled.  Only a couple of the Jade bush limbs fell victim.

I have a friend who said she would take the wood. She lives in the back country and firewood is expensive.


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