Garden Clean up: English Ivy

ivy tree 002 fig tree 001

This is the Fig tree today. It is pretty bare. Every year when this happens I tell myself I will clear the English Ivy away from it. The ivy is under the tree and One the fence. It is probably all that is supporting the old cedar fence which is invisible, completely covered. I’m very fortunate that they still bear an abundance of fruit. This year though one of the trees was not as bountiful.  I feel the ivy may have something to do with that.

“Fences make good Neighbors.”

The neighbor on the other side of that fence approached me one day with his coffee cup in hand. He said he didn’t like my ivy. I told him it was in fact not MY IVY but the ivy of a former neighbor who lived in the house he is now living in.   I told him it was perfectly okay with me  if he or his brother cut it down. I had told Pat, one of the previous neighbors, at the time to PLEASE  I wished she would not plant Ivy. Her husband was military, I knew they would be long gone and the Ivy would remain.  She said she would plant it on HER side of the fence.

One of our other neighbors has said of this neighbor that he is lazy. Well so much for the possibility of him cutting down the ivy. I am sure though if I cut it down that work not intrude on his work ethic.

Except for poison, my efforts to get rid of it have not worked. English Ivy is not a native plant to the United States. As a non-native it is an intrusion to our environment. It has berries which are not good for the diet of our native species birds. I want the yard to be more friendly to our environment. So the ivy must go.


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