Birdwatching with Riley

limited vision
Some people spend their Saturdays watching football — Riley likes to sit in the window and watch the birds. Most cats would watch the birds outside, but why bother with that. When even withbirdwatching 009 limited vision you can watch the ones in the cage. There is no instant replay but with enough incentive I can get them bouncing around the cage pretty well.

birdwatching 010

Technically, I’m is not supposed to watch the birds that’s why they are covered. The birds get upset, but it does not deter me. This is my T.V. set.

birdwatching 004

birdwatching 005

I have a captive  audience birdwatching 006

literallybirdwatching 007What better way to spend a rare, damp and rainy Southern California day indoors? birdwatching 008


One thought on “Birdwatching with Riley”

  1. Did you say rain? Wow, that’s a rare one for SD. It’s too bad you have to keep the birds covered, they are like a fish aquarium interesting to just sit and watch. Well, at least you can hear them…

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