In the Garden: New Decking

deck wood prep 002 deck wood prep 003

Nothing lasts forever especially if it made of wood. Wood get old. It seems too that termites love it. So a year and a half ago after considerable deterioration the old deck was torn out. It had come to a point that is wasn’t safe to walk on. We put boards on it to put less stress on the wood but putting a foot through the wood was not unusual.

I was very happy it didn’t rain. if it had it would have been a big muddy sump right outside the back door. I spent a whole day, six hours priming the wood, or sealing the wood. The colors being brought up are really beautiful. There is nothing like beautiful wood grain. After it was sealed on five sides it was hammered into place.

The birds were moving into the arbor vines over the deck. The skies were gray. There was a cool breeze. After the wood was in place there was a tarp placed over it and it was a good thing. The rain came pouring down. It was so wonderful to wake at 5 A.M. to the sound of a thunderous down pour.  A rain we desperately need, for we are in water rationing. Still more work to do.


One thought on “In the Garden: New Decking”

  1. Lovely grain on the wood. We broke down and have plantation shutter “sliders” on order for the glass doors to the porch. The ugly vertical blinds (which came with the house) are breaking down. One new thing or do-over a year/year half. Hey, Happy Anniversary.

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