Garden and the Rain



Garden banana peels 002My breakfast banana usually goes into the compost pile. This morning I thought a better use. While planting Johnny Jump-ups the other day I turned over some little red worms. I read that worms like bananas and citrus peels. I decide to chop up the banana skins and take them out to put them directly into the garden soil instead of sending them to the compost pile first.

Garden morning dew 012

I was greeted by dew drops on my Kale leaves.  I always love to see this. More likely they were raindrops from an overnight shower. The temperatures are in the 40 degree mark so it was probably rain.Garden Brussel Sprouts 010

I pulled yellowed leaves off the Kale and Brussel Sprouts and found these little babies.  They are usually tucked in the crook of the leaf but the rain and wind left no leaves as protection. They are little beauties and I hope the weather allows then to survive.  Further inspection showed this surpriseGarden late fall tomato  013 My Roma tomatoes are still blossoming and setting fruit.  They have turned red but they do  not have the sweetness of summer tomatoes. Our weather has been so crazy with temperatures still in the 80s on Thanksgiving.  It was no surprise to see this stunner hiding in the tall grass.Garden mushrooms 009 They are quite possibly just as deadly as they are beautiful.  This is a variety I have not yet seen in my back yard. I love the fluting. to me it looks like a ballerina’s spectacular tutu from Swan Lake.  Best to extract it before an animal gets curious.


Garden: Rain and Roses

garden - rose golden 002

Before the rain we had last week I hurried and put Fish Emulsion on the roses. I was rewarded with this one. What a bright spot in our late Fall weather.  I looked at all the roses. Some had buds, I was so happy. Thanksgiving would normally be the time I would prune the roses.  This year I was too busy, with our Thanks giving and then visiting Son and his wife who gifted me with a beautifully fully cooked Turkey to take home.  Lots of turkey.

As I looked around at the other roses, hiding in a leaf cluster I found this - roses Mr Lincoln 001It is Oklahoma.  I bought it in memory of my father who was born in Tulsa. I bought it only based on the picture tagged to the rose.  My father had a black-red rose, Taboo, that was his favorite. I was so happy to see this rose in the morning sun shown a deep red velvet.  So sweet to see him come visit.

Turtle – Turvy – topsey

Stretch was laying upside down in his pen this morning. I was concerned. I righted him.  And I went and got Cedar chips and put them around his pen I thought it might be too wet.

It rained so hard it woke me up.

I went out later to check on him again. He was on his shell again, this time with his neck and legs extended, I thought he might be sick.  That’s when I remembered this is what turtles do to warm up.  The sun is out so I moved him to the center of the yard. Then I moved his enclosure. He looked like he was going to make a hasty retreat, but I got him covered in time.

He is more active than I have seen him in a long while. He is walking around his pen — probably looking for an escape route or maybe just trying to dry out.TTurtle 003

RAIN, Yay, Rain! AND Turtle

turtle recovered 005 turtle recovered 007

This is a 33 gallon trash can I set under the eaves to catch water and it is full. We got a nice soaking rain once it finally started raining. The gray clouds covered the sky but only yielded a few sprinkles. It wasn’t until it was time for work to let out that the sky opened up. The late news last night said there were 657 accidents on the road.

Son had an appointment downtown and he said as he was driving home a car spun out about 100 feet in front and two lanes over from him. He wasn’t where he could pull over and help and no other cars were involved, so that was good.

Why a picture of Stretch, our turtle?  Well, two weeks ago Dear Husband was cleaning out his turtle enclosure. He set Stretch out on the middle of the yard in the sun. Usually Stretch would bask in the sun and take a walk and DH would put him back in his pen. Well on this particular Saturday DH got distracted and forgot about Stretch. When he remembered Stretch was no place to be found.

Hesitantly he told me the story. What are you going to do, Stretch was free at last?  Nights were getting cooler and I felt he found someplace to hibernate — he’ll show up come Spring.  Well today, not Spring, he surfaced by the old fort. He probably crawled under it and it being a low point took in the yard water flowed in and Stretch came out.

All is well again here on the old homestead.

IN The Garden: New Decking

new deck 001new deck 002

This is the new decking and I couldn’t be happier. The wood graining is beautiful. We only applied a water sealant to it. We may have gotten it finished just in time to dry before our promised rains. I’m not holding my breath. It was supposed to mist yesterday, maybe it did somewhere, but not here.

We started this project about two weeks ago. Three of us worked on it. Dear husband cut the wood to length.  I did the wood sealant on five sides of the wood while husband and son tore out the old deck. Then we laid the boards unfinished side up. Then the deck was covered with a tarp. That was the night it rained. We had to wait a couple of days for the humidity to drop before adding the last coat of sealant to the top raw surface.

We did the deck in two phases. The lumber yard didn’t have enough wood and we had to wait for a second shipment.

Sabatino, our dog, is enjoying the new deck. Walking out the back door and almost falling on his face was hard on him. He’s fourteen now and for his breed that is pretty old. It’s also going to help with all the leaves he was bringing inside. He loves to play in the leaves.