IN The Garden: New Decking

new deck 001new deck 002

This is the new decking and I couldn’t be happier. The wood graining is beautiful. We only applied a water sealant to it. We may have gotten it finished just in time to dry before our promised rains. I’m not holding my breath. It was supposed to mist yesterday, maybe it did somewhere, but not here.

We started this project about two weeks ago. Three of us worked on it. Dear husband cut the wood to length.  I did the wood sealant on five sides of the wood while husband and son tore out the old deck. Then we laid the boards unfinished side up. Then the deck was covered with a tarp. That was the night it rained. We had to wait a couple of days for the humidity to drop before adding the last coat of sealant to the top raw surface.

We did the deck in two phases. The lumber yard didn’t have enough wood and we had to wait for a second shipment.

Sabatino, our dog, is enjoying the new deck. Walking out the back door and almost falling on his face was hard on him. He’s fourteen now and for his breed that is pretty old. It’s also going to help with all the leaves he was bringing inside. He loves to play in the leaves.


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