RAIN, Yay, Rain! AND Turtle

turtle recovered 005 turtle recovered 007

This is a 33 gallon trash can I set under the eaves to catch water and it is full. We got a nice soaking rain once it finally started raining. The gray clouds covered the sky but only yielded a few sprinkles. It wasn’t until it was time for work to let out that the sky opened up. The late news last night said there were 657 accidents on the road.

Son had an appointment downtown and he said as he was driving home a car spun out about 100 feet in front and two lanes over from him. He wasn’t where he could pull over and help and no other cars were involved, so that was good.

Why a picture of Stretch, our turtle?  Well, two weeks ago Dear Husband was cleaning out his turtle enclosure. He set Stretch out on the middle of the yard in the sun. Usually Stretch would bask in the sun and take a walk and DH would put him back in his pen. Well on this particular Saturday DH got distracted and forgot about Stretch. When he remembered Stretch was no place to be found.

Hesitantly he told me the story. What are you going to do, Stretch was free at last?  Nights were getting cooler and I felt he found someplace to hibernate — he’ll show up come Spring.  Well today, not Spring, he surfaced by the old fort. He probably crawled under it and it being a low point took in the yard water flowed in and Stretch came out.

All is well again here on the old homestead.


One thought on “RAIN, Yay, Rain! AND Turtle”

  1. So glad you all are getting a healthy rainfall. Stretch isn’t a fool but I bet he wasn’t happy to have been “moved”. Glad all is well on the Home Front. no space shot this morning, they will try again tomorrow, I’ll be sitting on the driveway.

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