Garden: Rain and Roses

garden - rose golden 002

Before the rain we had last week I hurried and put Fish Emulsion on the roses. I was rewarded with this one. What a bright spot in our late Fall weather.  I looked at all the roses. Some had buds, I was so happy. Thanksgiving would normally be the time I would prune the roses.  This year I was too busy, with our Thanks giving and then visiting Son and his wife who gifted me with a beautifully fully cooked Turkey to take home.  Lots of turkey.

As I looked around at the other roses, hiding in a leaf cluster I found this - roses Mr Lincoln 001It is Oklahoma.  I bought it in memory of my father who was born in Tulsa. I bought it only based on the picture tagged to the rose.  My father had a black-red rose, Taboo, that was his favorite. I was so happy to see this rose in the morning sun shown a deep red velvet.  So sweet to see him come visit.


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