Garden and the Rain



Garden banana peels 002My breakfast banana usually goes into the compost pile. This morning I thought a better use. While planting Johnny Jump-ups the other day I turned over some little red worms. I read that worms like bananas and citrus peels. I decide to chop up the banana skins and take them out to put them directly into the garden soil instead of sending them to the compost pile first.

Garden morning dew 012

I was greeted by dew drops on my Kale leaves.  I always love to see this. More likely they were raindrops from an overnight shower. The temperatures are in the 40 degree mark so it was probably rain.Garden Brussel Sprouts 010

I pulled yellowed leaves off the Kale and Brussel Sprouts and found these little babies.  They are usually tucked in the crook of the leaf but the rain and wind left no leaves as protection. They are little beauties and I hope the weather allows then to survive.  Further inspection showed this surpriseGarden late fall tomato  013 My Roma tomatoes are still blossoming and setting fruit.  They have turned red but they do  not have the sweetness of summer tomatoes. Our weather has been so crazy with temperatures still in the 80s on Thanksgiving.  It was no surprise to see this stunner hiding in the tall grass.Garden mushrooms 009 They are quite possibly just as deadly as they are beautiful.  This is a variety I have not yet seen in my back yard. I love the fluting. to me it looks like a ballerina’s spectacular tutu from Swan Lake.  Best to extract it before an animal gets curious.


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