Quilting: Reorganizing Studio Space

I had new flooring put down in my studio. Together the big guy and I packed all it’s contents into boxes and moved them to a storage unit.  Once the hardwood floors were in shelves went up. The big guy and son assembled what seemed like way too many shelves, but the engineer with his calculator said you will fill those up — trust me. He was right, all the boxes were brought back in and I emptied them onto the shelves helter skelter. My suggestion should you think of doing this is DON’T.  For two years I haven’t been able to find what I am looking for. SO — of course I go buy more fabric. It is painful process walking into a quilt store to buy more fabric. AND YES –  the shelves have filled up.??????????????????

Here’s Riley enjoying the empty shelves.

But once the decision to stop procrastinating about reorganizing happened it was HOW? I decided to just take it one shelf at a time. I emptied the top of my sewing table and emptied the first two shelves and began. I would start with Black and White.Fabric - black and white008

then I would move through the color wheel. Red would be next.frabics - red

It feels good to have forward momentum again. It is also inspiring because I am seeing the fabric again with fresh eyes.  I’ve decided to just work on one section at a time. In the past I have torn everything up at once and found myself in the center of chaos. At that point I will walk into the room, look around and walk right back out overwhelmed with the job in front of me.

I am also finding old fabric friends, and pieces I may need to make just one more block is an almost finished WIP quilt.


4 thoughts on “Quilting: Reorganizing Studio Space”

  1. Those shelves are AWESOME!!! You must be pleased with the progress. I can’t WAIT to see them ALL filled with colorful fabrics!!

  2. I agree with the cats, it’s great. I can also believe how difficult it is is matching colors. I applaud your work. Your work rook looks wonderful and I think it will be so much easier to work in there. Job well done!

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