Quilting: Fabrics

Lost in a maze of sorting I came up for air and decided I needed to stop sorting, I was seeing spots — literally polka dots. I thought, I’ll check out this box — part of my sorting to smaller containers.

Fabric solids 001

I was looking for an empty box or one that had a color in it like red or green. I opened the box and wondered why I had given this fabric it’s very own box separate from the regular stash of solids. I pulled out individual pieces and set the smaller pieces of fabric aside. I decided I would Iron them and sort them by size and cut them into either strips or square of useful sizes, 2″, 2.5″, 3″ and strips of the same sizes. More organizational busy work that will get me back on the road to sewing more efficiently.

I lay them out on the ironing board and looked at them — odd colors — dull, muted, I must have made something from them. I was ironing and trying to pull from my memory banks what I could have used them for.

Was it when I spent the Summer doing Seminole Piecing?  No the colors were too dull. Then I ran across strips of fabric that was obviously used for bindings. Nothing was coming to me.I took a lunch break, food always helps. I came back with my stomach and my small spray bottle filled with distilled water. I don’t like using steam — my iron spits.

Fabric solids 002None of these fabrics were from any quilt I have in my possession. That narrows it down. It was a quilt I sold. The color-ways are also old. Could it be from my Genesis quilt that is buried under several layers of batting on my design wall? I worked in solids back then — But those were mostly grays. No that couldn’t be it. But I was mentally in the right time period.

Fabric solids 004

When I found this piece I knew it wasn’t Seminole. Maggie Kaplan and I made six quilts for a commission consignment for Patty F. Smith. She owned an Art Gallery that supplied art prints and other art work to industrial sites. The six quilts we made were to go to a high-end Adult Community Living establishment.

Mystery solved . . .  now back to cutting up.


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