Quilts: Just Ducky

Just Ducky started with the idea of a quick baby quilt. I’ve decided that for me, there is no such thing as quick. I searched through my stash for a printed panel. My mother was a great one for whipping up a baby comforter using a printed panel, and she would do it in a day. I couldn’t find a panel. Just as I was about to give up I found the pale print fabric with ducks. I must have picked it up on a flat fold table. I didn’t even remember it and I have pretty good fabric memory.

quilt Just Ducky 001

All by itself the fabric wasn’t big enough to make a 40″ x 60″ baby quilt, maybe a 36″ quilt. So I decided to cut the blocks apart and put latticing between the squares — not my favorite.  The fabric was so old none of the yellows I had were pale enough for the job. I “forced” myself to make a trip to my LYS, Rosie’s Calico Cup board on El Cajon Blvd, in San Diego, CA, to see what I could find. Their yellow selection was also too intense.

quilt Just Ducky 003

I found myself in the Auntie Grace fabric section and I found a yellow — a print with yellow that was perfect. I like baby quilt to be about baby. I found in my collection a “baby feet” print that would work as backing.

quilt Just Ducky 004

Piecing the top took much longer than I had anticipated. Isn’t that always the case. I did start with three months to spare, so that was good. It took me six weeks to fussy cut and sew it together. Of course I did not sit and sew constantly, it would have gone faster if I had.

Now it is ready for the backing.

Sew happy,



Quilting: New Mystery Work in Progress

I am goal oriented and this week it is get batting on three quilt tops I have all ready and set aside.

But I can’t keep from jumping in and starting on a new project. I have been chomping on the bit since I got the houses into their finishing stages. I already collected and cut the new project. I gathered fat quarters (18″ x 22″) together. I laid them out and cut them into squares tossing them into a plastic shoe box.

Then I needed a way to keep track, so I sewed them on to a piece of scrap selvedge. quilting 2 squares 003

quilt new project 007

Drawing from the shoe box without thinking I matched up squares. I lay them in pairs in front of the sewing machine when I could easily guide them under the needle.

quilt new project 004

I began sewing.

quilt new project 006

I daisy-chained them, meaning I just picked up one set of squares after another and sewed without stopping to cut the thread. When I had a stack piled up behind the machine I left one set of squares under the needle and cut the thread.  Then finger pressing I joined two — two-patch squares together, only considering not to put the same fabrics next to each other.

Once this was done then I turned to the ironing board. First I set the seam by pressing it flat. Then I opened it up and pressed it to the darker side of the fabric. I NEVER use steam in my iron. My iron had a bad habit of spitting — plus with my fingers right there next to the iron I don’t relish getting burned.

After they were pressed I counted them out and safety pinned them into sets of 10. I am surprised at how quickly this has gone. quilt new project 002

I have more than 50 sets finished. I am not sure how many I will need because I am not quilt sure how I will finish them. What I had considered originally is not where I see this project going at the moment. One thing is certain — it will be color-filled.

Quilting: Two Inch Squares

Although the House quilt isn’t quite finished I have cut a shoe box full of 2″ squares.  I needed some stand-up activity while the final 16 collegian teams were in playoffs. I am biting at the chop to start sewing these together for my first start at Spring with a quilt.quilting 2 squares 003

My mind is always on to the next quilt with every quilt project I finish. How could I do this differently?  Wouldn’t these colors be fun to work with?  What could I make next?  Funny, it never seems to be what could I finish next.

I hope your day is as enjoyable as I hope mine will be.

Best to you,


Quilting: WIP

I dug into my WIPs = works in progress to find this which I loved when I made it but came to a stall.

25 Hour House 001

So after still more procrastination and why? I don’t know. I came to this

quilt 25 hour house 002 - Copy (359x640)

It is not what I intended to do when I originally made the houses — funny how it never is. It still isn’t finished, but it will be soon. Here’s hoping you all make progress on your WIPs = Works In Progress whatever they may be,


Quilting: I Found My Sewing Table

I found the top of my sewing table today. It was buried under sorting boxes.

I have so many fat quarters. They are like eating potato chips. I promised myself when I first saw fat quarters I was not going to give into the temptation and buy even one.  I think it was the day I went to the fabric store and needed just a little of a certain fabric to finish my project but it was all gone. That was when I saw a basket at my feet and it had a fabric that looked exactly like the one I was looking for. I picked it up, yes, it was the exact fabric. There were also a couple more so I picked up three, but wait, they were 5 for $5.00. Do I need 5 of these? Five for $5.00 I’ll just buy two more.

So it started. My obsession for fat quarters. Then at a conference I met M’liss Hawley, don’t call her, Melissa. She would go on to write Fat Quarter books. Others had this addiction for fat quarters. Because fat quarters seem to multiply in the dark they are like Tribbles. There is trouble brewing. Today I decided to pick out 30+ fat quarters and cut them up into 2″ squares. It hasn’t happened yet but the space it cleared.

Tomorrow is Easter and I hope everyone reading this has a blessed day.

I made an Apricot-Coconut Cake this afternoon. That and basketball took up my afternoon. I’ll cut squares tomorrow — I don’t want to rush into this.

25 Hour House 001

This is what is on the wall at the moment a long forgotten WIP = work in progress.

Quilting: Fabic Sorting Continues

quilting fabrics 003

I opened three more plastic shoe boxes. Why am I doing this? Is it a new form of therapy? I think it must be. I’ve heard other women do the same thing. What shall I do with myself today — oh yes — I’ll sort.

One box revealed yellow and white blocks sewn into 25 square blocks.  I remember making them. I guess I was trying out colors.

quilt fabric yellow 001

Then there were the Purple starts. Not sure what this was about either — test patterns like the old patterns on the TV when it went to sleep at night.

quilt fabric putple 003

Then I struck it rich with the third box. These were leftovers from a quilt I made as a house warming gift for a dear friend.

quilting fabrics 002

This sorting also reminds me of what she said once, “when I don’t know what I am doing I resort to research. It’s what I do to avoid something I need to do.” . . . digging deep. She is a Marriage and Family councilor so I guess this is my therapy.