Quilting: Fabic Sorting Continues

quilting fabrics 003

I opened three more plastic shoe boxes. Why am I doing this? Is it a new form of therapy? I think it must be. I’ve heard other women do the same thing. What shall I do with myself today — oh yes — I’ll sort.

One box revealed yellow and white blocks sewn into 25 square blocks.  I remember making them. I guess I was trying out colors.

quilt fabric yellow 001

Then there were the Purple starts. Not sure what this was about either — test patterns like the old patterns on the TV when it went to sleep at night.

quilt fabric putple 003

Then I struck it rich with the third box. These were leftovers from a quilt I made as a house warming gift for a dear friend.

quilting fabrics 002

This sorting also reminds me of what she said once, “when I don’t know what I am doing I resort to research. It’s what I do to avoid something I need to do.” . . . digging deep. She is a Marriage and Family councilor so I guess this is my therapy.


2 thoughts on “Quilting: Fabic Sorting Continues”

  1. You go girl. You are doing what I will be doing in the future. I am just getting better at going around the boxes so it will take a while. Have a Happy Easter.

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