Quilting: New Mystery Work in Progress

I am goal oriented and this week it is get batting on three quilt tops I have all ready and set aside.

But I can’t keep from jumping in and starting on a new project. I have been chomping on the bit since I got the houses into their finishing stages. I already collected and cut the new project. I gathered fat quarters (18″ x 22″) together. I laid them out and cut them into squares tossing them into a plastic shoe box.

Then I needed a way to keep track, so I sewed them on to a piece of scrap selvedge. quilting 2 squares 003

quilt new project 007

Drawing from the shoe box without thinking I matched up squares. I lay them in pairs in front of the sewing machine when I could easily guide them under the needle.

quilt new project 004

I began sewing.

quilt new project 006

I daisy-chained them, meaning I just picked up one set of squares after another and sewed without stopping to cut the thread. When I had a stack piled up behind the machine I left one set of squares under the needle and cut the thread.  Then finger pressing I joined two — two-patch squares together, only considering not to put the same fabrics next to each other.

Once this was done then I turned to the ironing board. First I set the seam by pressing it flat. Then I opened it up and pressed it to the darker side of the fabric. I NEVER use steam in my iron. My iron had a bad habit of spitting — plus with my fingers right there next to the iron I don’t relish getting burned.

After they were pressed I counted them out and safety pinned them into sets of 10. I am surprised at how quickly this has gone. quilt new project 002

I have more than 50 sets finished. I am not sure how many I will need because I am not quilt sure how I will finish them. What I had considered originally is not where I see this project going at the moment. One thing is certain — it will be color-filled.


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